Organic Hersbrucker Hops (2 oz)

Organic Hersbrucker Hops (2 oz)

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Originating from the Hersbruck region of southern Germany, this hop displays a pleasant aroma and a balanced citrus flavour.

HOOH Hops (Harvesters Of Organic Hops) provide us with certified organic hops grown in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Each 2oz nitrogen flushed foil-lined package ensures maximum freshness from the hop yard to your brew kettle.

Aroma profile: Earthy, Citrus

Alpha acids: 2.5%

Style guide: Dunkel, Strong Ale, Pilsner, Altbier, Weizenbock, Golden Ale, Marzen, Pale Ale, Wheat, Specialty Ale, Hefeweizen, Light Ale, Lager